Cafe de Flore

The district

Ever since the 17th century that saw the birth of the Café Procope, where used to loiter La Fontaine, followed by Voltaire, Daudet, Oscar Wilde and Verlaine, the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés has always been a great meeting place for artists of all fields. The Café Flore and the Café des Deux Magots, the brasserie Lipp welcomed in the fifties the intellectuals, poets and writers that made Paris.
Strewn with antique shops, art galeries and elegant shops, this area of the « left bank » – or « rive gauche » still shines with a specific radiance.

Remarkable sites and museums : le museum of Cluny, the Place Furstemberg, the Théâtre de l’Odéon,
Famous bars, brasseries or restaurants: le Café Flore, le Café des Deux Magots, the Brasserie Lipp

Concierge information

Hot tips, shopping areas, where to go…? You will find here all the adresses you are looking for, next to the Hotel des Saints Pères.

The restaurants

Where to lunch? Where to have dinner? Where to take a coffee, a really fresh and tasty beer? The choice is yours...

Public transport

How to go from the rue des saints Pères to the Bastille or Montmartre? How to reach the Défense, Eurodisney or the near outskirts of Paris?
How to reach Lyon, Marseille or Strasbourg ? What train, what plane? How to go home?

The Shops

Esprit de France proposes you a selection of shops you should not miss in the hotel des Saints-Pères area.

The spas and beauty salons

Paris is beautiful, but it might be hectic... Take a getaway to one of the famous spas and beauty salons, just to relax and be all the more on form afterwards!

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