Art at the Hotel

Art at the hotel?

Follow the guide through the Hôtel des Saints Pères art collection

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Each of the rooms in the Hôtel des Saints Pères has its own identity, created by period paintings, drawings and engravings (17th and 18th century).


in room 104, “The Little Girl with the Canary” illuminates the atmosphere with its sweetness. Room 307 is under the watchful eye of “Maria Theresa of Spain”, a portrait of a woman of character. New elements of decoration - furniture, lamps, paintings, etc. are regularly bought for the hotel at auction


Among the 50 or so remarkable pieces, we can note the presence of the painting “Farmyard Scene” from the Dutch School (17th century), a remarkable portrait of Natoire (18th century), but also more contemporary works such as the sculpture “Adam and Eve” by Georges Jeanclos or the bronze “Owl” by Roseline Granet. 



l'hôtel des saints pères l'art à l'hôtel


The Fresco Room


The Fresco Room a room containing an exceptional work: a sublime, perfectly preserved mural painting depicting Good Fortune crowned by Virtue, as Intelligence looks on. 


We can recognise Good Fortune, in the guise of a young man dressed in green, the colour of hope. In his arms he is holding a white swan, a bird of good omen associated with Venus, and on his forehead is a star, the sign of success. Virtue is shown as a young woman with pale skin wearing a bright star on her breast, with wings and a crown of flowers. The scene takes place under the watching eye of Intelligence, a cherub that can be recognised through his typical attributes, a globe and a snake, the symbols of knowledge. At the edge of the painting, Bad Fortune, a dark character with a crow, tries to join this ideal scence, without success.


Framed with arches with floral patterns, attributed to the Versailles School, the fresco gives guests the chance to spend a unique night beneath a work of art.

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